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In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial that every business should have an extensive online presence that can help build their brand to attract and retain customers. Your brand is one of the most vital elements, as it directly correlates to the success or failure of your business. In order to succeed and stay ahead of your competitors, branding and marketing with curated content and designs creates a story that engages and captivates your audience.
Curated Content + Marketing is quickly becoming a new emerging leader by offering unparalleled customer service paired with visually stunning content and designs. Our highly skilled team is solely dedicated in creating the most curated experiences, designs, branding, and marketing solutions for startups or corporations across the globe.
By using the most current and advanced technologies, as well as keeping up with the latest trends, we can ensure exceptional quality work and total satisfaction.



From an early age growing up, Sohail was always proficient with computers and loved getting his hands on the latest tech. Over the years, he acquired many self-taught skills such as HTML Coding, Audio/Video Production and Editing, Graphic Design, and much more.
Later, having attended Georgia State and Kennesaw State University in the early 2000s for Computer Science and Marketing, it was then that he began doing what he loved to do and started his first Event Marketing and Promotions company. Having the skill sets of a technical and design background, a passion for marketing, and a large social media following were all the key components needed in what became quite a successful company for many years.
Fast forward to today, learning countless lessons in life and being able to adapt with the times has made Sohail realize what is truly lacking in today's marketing world. Somehow even in such a saturated marketplace, giving clients a fully curated and personal experience for their brand, whether you are a startup or Fortune 500 company, seems to be void. With this company, his mission is to bring a level of unparalleled service and quality to each and every client.
This is why Curated Content + Marketing was born.

Curated Content Marketing



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Curated Content Marketing

It is a common notion by now that a website is one of the most vital components of your company. To us, what is even more important is the design and how it interacts with your customers. That is why we create stunningly beautiful and functional websites and fill them with quality content so that you stand out among the competitors. However, websites are just one of the many things our team designs and creates. Design is ultimately the starting point that branches out into the creation of a logo, content, post, or story.


Branding is more than just a logo. Branding is being able to uniformly convey and distribute your company's image or story in the market through various platforms in order to attract and retain customers. In our opinion, your business starts and ends with Branding. The main reason is that it directly correlates to the success or demise of your business, which makes it extremely crucial, but many will often overlook its importance. That is why we are here to show you otherwise.

Curated Content Marketing

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Curated Content Marketing

Knowing what to say and how to visually portray your brand is essential now more than ever before. We create engaging content for major marketing platforms on a consistent basis in order to exponentially grow a following of customers who are interested in your brand's story.


We carefully craft, strategize, and execute detailed marketing plans that includes UX/UI designed websites, SEO, Content Creation, Email/SMS Campaigns, as well as Online and Social Media Marketing. Becoming experts in our craft of creating such elaborate design systems, we took it a step further and decided to create our own photo and video production departments to implement our bold ideas.

Curated Content Marketing
Curated Content Marketing
Curated Content Marketing
Curated Content Marketing
Curated Content Marketing
Curated Content Marketing
Curated Content Marketing
Curated Content Marketing


Curated Content Marketing

Simon Mashkovskiy

Founder & CEO, RFA Logistics

"Sohail and his work are nothing short of IMPRESSIVE! He is not only extremely skilled and talented in what he does, but his greatest quality is that he can take a small idea and create something so amazing that always goes above and beyond my expectations."

Curated Content Marketing

Dillan Kamarjian

Owner, Mist Carpet Cleaning

"Sohail is a true marketing expert. Thank you for transforming our business."

Curated Content Marketing

Dilshan Singh

Founder & CEO, Refined Parking Solutions

"Sohail and his team are exceptional at what they can do. Curated has done a fantastic job at managing our social media accounts, as well as our website needs."

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